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Web UI Concept Design

Main Skills
Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Typography, Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Logo Design

Submission for Fashion Company – Eye On Fashion. This submission, was created in response to a tight brief drawn up to lead the seasonal re-design of the company’s web presence.


Core considerations for the new design were the need to ensure clear navigation, and the need to drive customers to the featured seasonal collections from featured designers, design companies etc.

Research and findings

I first conducted some self guided research into other online fashion retailers taking note of the screen elements and navigational considerations.

Clear commonalities emerged, much inline with what the average online shopper would expect – clear CTA buttons, standardised styles of navigation, ever present elements such as shopping baskets, checkout, and search icons. Building on this I decided to also include the use of a breadcrumb to clearly focus the user on where they were within the site structure and to allow easier leaps in backward navigation.

Information Architecture

From here a simple site mapping exercise helped to clarify the key considerations, reconciling the requirements of the brief with my research findings.

User Interface Design

To create the design I first began with a clear grid system for an iPad retina display – as the brief explicity highlighted this as a requirement. Establishing a consistent baseline grid, I first decided where the key aspects of the navigation would be placed, ensuring that ample space was afforded to create large containers for featured content, in addition to the consistent elements of the design. This helped me to focus solely on creating a clear and consistent interface which had very clear navigation.

I then moved onto the adornment and more stylistic aspects of the submission.

Using Photoshop and ‘found’ imagery I created a heavily styled set of images, using a combination of appropriate typographic styles and a seasonally appropriate colour palette.

I wanted to convey that the navigational aspects of the site may not be the most important considerations and that a more carefully curated use of stylistically striking imagery would do more to create trust and engagement with their identified user base.