TLC Trust

The TLC Trust are a branch of the Outsiders Trust –  a charity supporting those with mental and physical disabilites to find love and friendship, in addition to providing a safe and tasteful platform in which they can access sexual services. Like anyone, individuals with disabilities have impulses and sexual desires and having the opportunity to have sexual experiences, or gain access to sexual services is a basic human right. The TLC Trust offer a safe platform for disabled members to access carefully vetted and selected ‘providers’ of sexual services and also seek to educate people and raise awareness around this important issue of sex and disability. This was an interesting and challenging brief. There was a need to provide a membership site, that seperates ‘members’ from ‘providers’. Personal account creation, profile pages, and the ability for the user to control their own security was all required. Furthermore, a stringent vetting procedure was required to verify the profiles of both the disabled members and those of the providers. In terms of the aesthetic, there was a requirement to utilise dark, sensual colours, but to present the information in a way that was classy and diginified for all users. There is a huge misconception in the adult work sector that these activities are seedy and illegal. The resultant site achieves the desired goal and is serving this community well.

Web design, User Experience Design, Photoshop