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Branding Design Hampshire. If you searched for ‘Brand Design Hampshire‘ or ‘Hampshire Brand Designer‘ then you are in the right place!

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Brand Positioning

We help you to understand the best way to position your brand through extensive market research

Brand Aesthetic

Working closely with you and as much data as possible, we design the visual aspects of your brand


Tone of Voice

We help you to define HOW you want to communicate with your target market

What is a brand? Is it your name? Your Logo? The colours you use? Well, yes it is – and so much more.

Your brand is what your customers or end users perceive you to be. It is the culmination of the various ways you present all aspects of your business, ethos and core values in addition to your products and services. This includes the more tangible, visible elements (such as your logo, company colours and typefaces) to the more subtle aspects of your brand such as your tone of voice (the WAY and STYLE in which you communicate with your audience).

Defining, creating and managing your brand is one of the most important business decisions that can be made as it pervades everything – your website, your social media content, your marketing strategy and all your advertising – but it is important to remember that Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a brand. It takes time to effectively shape your offering and communciate why you are better than your competiton to your target audience in a consistent way. This in turn builds trust and loyalty between you and your consumers and over time your ‘brand’ is moulded. The best way to sum up a brand, is that it is ‘the gut feeling your users have about your product or service’….to paraphrase Marty Neumeier

Branding and identity design in Hampshire

As a Hampshire design company we offer our branding and identity design services throughout Hampshire and beyond, and have extensive experience in helping business of all sizes to shape their online and offline presence. We’ll help you make decisions that are right for you and we’ll create a brand aesthetic, identity and story that represents your values, services and ethos, and which speaks to your target market.

We’ll translate your brand voice into a professional suite of brandware that includes logo design, print, point of sale material and, of course, your website. We also distill all of this into your own company styleguide.

Additional Services

As a full service agency, we can offer a range of additional complementary services to accompany your web design project.

Web Design, Graphic Design,  Copywriting, SEO, Google/ Facebook Advertising, Leaflet, Menu and Business Card Design,


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